On this episode of Talking Buffalo, it’s Casual Friday which means Patrick Moran is joined by Aaron Quinn (Cover 1) to discuss a variety of topics, including if Gabe Davis is good enough to give the Buffalo Bills what they need and if the term “WR2” isn’t as significant as it sounds.

A hot button conversation making the rounds with Bills fans right now is Davis and if the Bills need to make getting an upgrade at starting receiver alongside Stefon Diggs a big offseason priority. Both the guys have plenty of thoughts on this as well as the actual significant of a guy called “WR2” and other things going on with the Buffalo offense including the future roles of Khalil Shaker and Isaiah McKenzie.

They also talk about Lebron James becoming the NBA all-time scoring leader this week and the unavoidable Lebon vs MJ debate, something Patrick especially hates.  That plus reaction to the Kim Pegula health update, Aaron Rodgers messing with Green Bay fans yet again, their “Finish the Sentence” segment and much more.

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