It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast, which means Patrick Moran is joined by Noted Hockey author and Maintenance Day podcaster Joe Yerdon to discuss a variety of topics, including determining if it’s time for the Buffalo Bills to go into all-in mode this offseason, what to look for in the second half of the Buffalo Sabres season, this week’s “Starting Five” draft of songs from The Beatles and much more.

The Los Angeles Rams are in the Super Bowl this year and Tampa Bay won it all last year.  Both teams in mortgaged the future, the Rams with draft capital and the Bucs with salary cap space. The franchises may not be built for long-term success but they’ve made it to the Super Bowl in consecutive years.  Is it time for the Bills to start maximizing every resource to give themselves the best chance to win a Super Bowl right now, even if it costs them down the road? The guys discuss as well wondering if the heartbreak of how they lost in Kansas City spills into 2022.

Meanwhile the Sabres are back in action after the all-star break.  Joe gives listeners some things they should look forward to as we hit the back half of the season.

That, our weekly draft, enjoying a weather reprieve and much more!

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