It’s another edition of Fan Friday on this episode of Talking Buffalo and host Patrick Moran takes some questions and comments from fans, primarily focused on (but not limited to) takes from the Buffalo Bills having their season end against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC divisional round for a third straight year and variance of how fans feel about the team moving forward.

As you’d expect with the Bills (or any ) fan base, there’s a mixture of optimism and pessimism about Buffalo going forward after losing to Kansas City for the third time in three times in the playoffs under this current regime. Questions and comments range from feeling good about the team and using injuries as a legitimate excuse to thinking it may be time to make some significant changes. One fans uses a Green Bay example as a reason for the Bills to stay the course while another points out how the Bills are still in way better shape than Miami beyond just Josh Allen.

Also discussed are the Sabres, the Royal Rumble coming up this weekend, podcast stuff and much more.


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