On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast presented by 26 Shirts, Patrick Moran chats with recurring guest and buddy Joe (@BuffaloWins) on a bunch of topics centered around the Buffalo Bills defeating San Francisco on Monday Night Football in sexy fashion.

Josh Allen threw for 375 yards and four touchdowns for Buffalo on Monday night and in the process won admiration from plenty of fans and media nationally for his efforts. The guys break down his effort and determine why it’s now officially save to conclude Allen MVP talk for 2020 is no longer premature.

Allen’s statistical dominance this year has brought several comparisons to teams of the past and more specifically Jim Kelly.  Joe explains why he hates when fans and the media compare what Allen is doing this year to what Kelly did around three decades ago.

They also talk about the significance of Stefon Diggs to Allen and this entire offense, Cole Beasley being far more than what Joe thought he’d be with the Bills, the complete lack of a running game and if it matters, the defense bending but not breaking on the road and what the team should do about Levi Wallace, if anything.

Before wrapping up they take a look at the remaining month of the regular season and get into a debate whether the Bills should rest starters or play to win in Week 17 if the AFC East title or top overall seed for the playoffs isn’t on the line.

Joe also explains how he got suspended for Twitter, runs down some of the names that’ve blocked him there, discusses if he has any significant Christmas plans in this Covid era and reveals that he has less than zero interest in the NHL season reportedly ready to start in January.

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