On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran catches up with Buffalo Bills beat reporter and accomplished podcaster, recurring guest Matt Parrino about a wide range of topics including how things have been over the past six months, the evolution of his podcast that’s become quite successful, the Buffalo Bills, Lebron vs Jordan, the public demise of Marc Miller and much more.

Matt’s been a favorite guest of the podcast several times previously including live shows done over wings at Audubon North and Casey’s in Black Rock.  However, Matt hasn’t been on the podcast since back on episode No. 210 back in early April and Patrick spends time learning how life’s been for Matt during these weird and often trying times, including a discussion of how radically different the job of being a NFL team beat reporter has changed in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.  That ranges from regular team coverage to interview as well as overall team access and Matt pulls back the curtain a little bit on what it’s been like.

They also spend time talking about the Shout Buffalo Football podcast Matt has started with his “tag team” partner at NYup.com, Ryan Talbot.  In less than six months the podcast has already grown by leaps and bounds especially on the video side, where their regular livestream shows often generate at least a few thousand people watching live on various platforms.  Matt describes the decision that went into the podcast, the process of how it’s done and reveals a few of his favorite episodes and guests he’s had on to this point.

Of course, they also spend time discussing the Buffalo Bills, including their surprisingly (mostly) dominant opening month, Josh Allen’s emergence as a legitimate early season league MVP candidate, the struggles of the defense, injuries and concerns about the team competing against the Covid infested Tennessee Titans on Tuesday night.

You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattParrino and of course be sure to check out his work at NYup.com as well as subscribe to his podcast, which again is killing it.

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