On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by Rico, a Buffalo Bills content creator over at Buffalo Fanatics. The guys, as Rico likes to say “chop it up” on a variety of topics including the Buffalo Bills, content creating, branding and a thoroughly heavy discussion on racism.

Racial and social unjust have been at a fevered pitch in the United States lately and a series of tweets recently by a fellow Buffalo Bills content creator have led to heated feelings on social media.  Patrick and Rico address the tweets and have an open and candid conversation about race, what often makes us a product of it and why environmental upbringing is no longer excusable. They also talk about holding those accountable for feelings and statements and the importance of dialogue and education, as opposed to automatically “cancelling” someone, which leads to silence and therefore no progress.

Beyond that Rico dives into the Buffalo Fanatics brand, talking their history that includes starting as a Facebook group in 2013 and how the Bills sent them a cease and decease. He talks about some of the talent on the BF roster, the grind that comes with putting out content consistently and the significance of engagement with fans.

They do spend a little time talking the Bills and Rico highlights three things that should have Bills fans worried about the 2020 roster as well as three things that should have fans excited.

It’s a conversation that combines some traditional fun but’s also layered with topics that are sometimes uncomfortable to talk about but need to be discussed.

You can follow Rico on Twitter @RealRico_BF and check out his as well as all Buffalo Fanatics content on their YouTube Channel.

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