On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, the cancel culture may not be to unify here as Patrick Moran and recurring guest & friend Joe do their best to get themselves cancelled with this pod’s first-ever Rantcast—an entire episode worth of the guys ranting and complaining about almost everything.  It’s a vocal train wreck but one you can’t stop listening too.

Nothing is off limits in this session.  From fans and media speculating what Josh Allen’s imminent pay day will be after Patrick Mahomes signed for over $500 million to why Joe flat-out thinks is Pegula S&E going broke, today’s literally a non-stop verbal roller coaster of rants.

Other topics include some media and fans coming up with stupid trade scenarios for Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel,  NFL policy calling for 60 minutes of physical game contract but no exchanging or jerseys post-game, if there will be fans in stadiums for sports in 2020 and WWE becoming completely unwatchable.

There’s several rants and discussions about meaningful life topics too— including the necessity of wearing a mask, Patrick angry about the lack of backlash from anti-Semitic comments from Desean Jackson, today’s America being about personal freedom over the welfare of your country, cancel culture, Donald Trump and much more.

Patrick also complains about not receiving enough credit for Macy’s Place Pizzeria’s rising mainstream popularity and pisses off Joe because he sort of likes Barstool Sports.  Meanwhile, Joe has a beef with golf and sports media members who tweet about it.

Yeah…It’s that bad.  Make sure you listen anyway.

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