On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest, co-host of the Nick & Nolan show Bruce Nolan to recap and discuss the NFL draft from both a Buffalo Bills and league-wide perspective.

After spending a little time talking about pre-draft preparation and ESPN’s production of the draft, the guys dive into all the Bills draft picks and Bruce offers his insight into each of Buffalo’s seven picks.

Among those discussions is why Bruce felt the majority were practical picks, although he admits he wouldn’t have taken at least two of the picks in their draft spots were he running the Bills.

They also go over some Bills personnel winners and losers from the draft before discussing the rest of the league, going over which teams they think helped and hurt themselves the most over these past handful of days.  Bruce is really high on a team that perennial does well in the draft while coming down hard on a Super Bowl contender that made many questionable decisions.

The guys wrap by determining if the Bills deserve to be the betting favorites in the AFC East this year and the threat of Miami quickly becoming a contender before Bruce ends by offering insight into the creative process coming up on the Nick & Nolan Show this summer during NFL down time.

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