On this episode of the Talking Buffalo Podcast (now formerly known as Moran-Alytics Podcast) Patrick Moran has an interview with WGR-550 sports talk radio host and recurring guest Nate Geary on a wide variety of topics.

The guys discuss if their life has really changed much, at least personally since the Coronavirus outbreak started spreading in the United States, and if Nate’s approach to his radio job has changed since going from broadcasting primarily at the radio station to doing Sports Talk Saturday shows live from his kitchen due to social distancing.

Both guys being huge fans of wings leads to a lengthy discussion about two of the best spots in Western New York: Nine-Eleven Tavern and Macy’s Place Pizzeria.

Of course, they spend plenty of time talking Buffalo Bills football and Nate has loads of unbiased takes on the acquisition of Stefon Diggs, the spotlight being on Josh Allen, if there’s a lack of confidence in Devin Singletary, some potential draft prospects for the Bills and more.

They also examine if former Bills head coach and current ESPN analyst went too far in his criticism of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper.

They finish with a Fun Fact Finale segment, where among other things we learn Nate’s first celebrity crush, favorite city he’s visited, a game show he could potentially become a millionaire on and three A-list actors he’d love to have dinner with.

You can follow Nate on Twitter @NateGearyWGR550 and of course check out his work at WGR.com.

Before his conversation with Nate, Patrick spends a few minutes outlining why he decided to change the name of the podcast to Talking Buffalo Podcast (You can read a full post about the change right here.) He also tells a backstory of his new podcast intro song, a jingle many Buffalonians will surely recognize despite it being recorded 40 years ago.

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