EP 228: Five Topic Friday (Red Tuesday Edition)

June 19, 2020By Patrick Moran

On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, it’s time for “Five Topic Friday” and Patrick Moran is joined by managing editor of Sports Gamers Online, Mike Straw to discuss five different topics, all Buffalo Sabres or Bills related. In shocking fashion the Sabres sent shock waves through the organization this week by … Read More

TBP 220: Five Topic Friday

May 22, 2020By Patrick Moran

On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast it’s a Five Topic Friday and Patrick is joined by recurring guest and friend Joe from NYC for a handful of discussions, five to be exact. Today the guys are talking a handful of things Buffalo Bills, including young defensive tackle Ed Oliver getting himself arrested last weekend … Read More

TBP 216: Ten Topic Friday, Version 2.0

May 1, 2020By Patrick Moran

On today’s episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran rides solo for an edition of Ten Topic Friday. Today’s topics feature a rundown of some of the biggest villains/opponents in Buffalo Bills franchise history.  Names on the list include the father of a new Bills signee, an iconic quarterback who’s not a fan of area … Read More

EP 207: Jeff Boyd Talks Bills, Pegula’s, Coronavirus & More

March 31, 2020By Patrick Moran

On this episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest Jeff Boyd from the 716 Sports Podcast and Buffalo Twenty as they discuss a wide range of topics, mostly but not limited to Buffalo sports. The guys start by examining if the Buffalo Bills overpaid by sending four draft picks … Read More

EP 23: Adam Schefter, ESPN

May 24, 2018By Patrick Moran

On this breakthrough episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews one of the most recognizable people in the world of sports, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter joins the show for an extended interview. Their talk reveals Schefter’s legendary career actually stems from a series of unplanned circumstances.  While it appears Schefter was a prodigy destined to be … Read More

EP 16: Buffalo Bills/NFL Draft Recap

April 30, 2018By Patrick Moran

On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast Patrick Moran is joined by one of the rising young sports talk radio show hosts in Western New York, Nate Geary of WGR550 in Buffalo. The two fully recap the NFL draft from both a Buffalo Bills and league-wide perspective.  They discuss the much anticipated yet highly scrutinized decision of … Read More