TBP 373: Joe From Queens Rants On Unbalanced Buffalo Media Reporting

September 29, 2021By Patrick Moran

On the episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, it’s the second of a two-part conversation as Patrick Moran is joined by Joe From Queens and today Joe rants on several topics, including now former Buffalo Sabres anthem singer Doug Allen, Rachel Bush and seemingly slanted Covid vaccination coverage from several Buffalo media outlets. Doug Allen announced … Read More

EP 126: Maniac from Trainwreck Sports

June 7, 2019By Patrick Moran

On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by Pulse Celluar, Patrick Moran is joined by Zach Sheldon AKA Maniac from Trainwreck Sports as they chat about a ton of topics. It’s Maniac’s second-ever appearance on the podcast and the two discuss the growing success of Trainwreck Sports and Maniac’s growing comfort with being behind … Read More