EP 03: Kevin Smokler, Author of “Brat Pack America”

March 5, 2018By Patrick Moran

On this week’s episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews Kevin Smokler, author of “Brat Pack America: A Love Letter To 80’s Teen Movies” (8:29).  They discuss Smokler’s journey to becoming a full-time writer before ultimately penning this outstanding book.  They also talk about some of the 80’s teen movies featured in the book, … Read More

Favorite 100 Albums of the 80s: (#84) Asia – Asia

October 24, 2017By Patrick Moran

YEAR RELEASED: 1982 NOTABLE TRACKS “Heat of the Moment”, “Only Time Will Tell”, “Sole Survivor” ALBUM MVP: “Heat of the Moment” WHY I LOVED IT: From the first track of this stellar debut album it’s unmistakably apparent with this record Asia’s not trying to complicate you, get overly philosophical or leave your mind on the … Read More

Let’s Countdown The Best 100 Songs Of The 80s

April 6, 2017By Patrick Moran

I’m rather obsessed with 80s music and unapologetic about it.  If we’re at the club and you hear Debbie Gibson’s “Only in my Dreams” on the jukebox, look no further when seeking the perpetrator. It was my dollar that paid for 3 minutes and 44 seconds of awesomeness. You’re welcome. I’ll take Sergio Mendes over … Read More