Apparently the Buffalo Sabres 2017-18 season isn’t over yet.

<goes back to sleep>

Seriously, this team completely lost me months ago unlike any Sabres team that came before it.  I honest-to-God haven’t watched a full Sabres game since the first weekend of December.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s been far worse teams that this year’s Sabres in terms of talent and I’d assume production.  It’s not their shitty deplorable record as the reason I hate them right now. It’s that they became flat-out annoying to watch.  The lack of effort I saw out of them on far too many nights was fuckin’ inexcusable and I still don’t know how heads haven’t rolled over it.  And by the way, don’t try telling me that trading Evander Kane fixed everything either.   This is or at least was a team that played several nights like they didn’t fuckin’ care, plain and simple.

It was like watching a TV show when the writers stop even trying and only care about collecting their union paycheck.  Whatever.

Anyway, apparently they’ve played better of late. They’re 5-4-1 over their last 10 games. I only know that because I just looked at the standings on  I legitimiately otherwise would have no idea —I’m not lying when I say I don’t watch this team.

They’re dead-last in the NHL right now with 56 points, one point clear of Arizona.  Are we rooting for a tank here over the last 13 games? What am I to root for here?

Buffalo plays tonight against Toronto and  Jack Eichel won’t be out there despite returning to practice after missing 15 games with an ankle injury.  His absence killed the 1% chance I had of ending my hiatus.

Go Sabres… or go Leafs?  Oh, hell… What does it even matter? Wake me up when the season is over and moves are made to inject hope in this hopeless debacle of an organization.