On this episode of the future-award winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with friend and recurring guest Joe from Queens on a variety of topics highlighted by a discussion that intentionally plays devil’s advocate to the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl chances this coming season.

The Bills went 13-3 last year, made the AFC championship game and by nearly all accounts are among the strongest favorites to represent the conference in the Super Bowl.  However, whether fans like it or not there’s reasons that provide skepticism to the 2021 Bills and the guys dive into some worrisome items.  Among them are questions on how much the offensive line, running backs and tight ends will improve given it’s essentially the same cast of characters returning, as well as questions about the short term pass rush and being seemingly poised to run it back with Levi Wallace at cornerback alongside Tre White.

They also spend some time talking about fans once again making their presence felt at sporting events, examining whether Rueben Brown or Eric Moulds are more worthy of going into the Bills Wall of Fame and Joe has a take on Buffalo Bills/Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula.

All that and much more.  Follow Joe on Twitter @BuffaloWins


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