On this special, one-year anniversary edition of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran welcomes the same guest he had for the very first episode of the podcast. Buffalo Bills beat reporter and radio on-air personality Sal Capaccio of WGR550 joins Moran to celebrate and talk sports, and props to Sal for batting through an illness to do the interview.

When Ssal was on the podcast exactly one year ago today, the two spent a full hour discussing Sal’s life and career, dating back to his childhood.  It was a fun conversation that covered dozens of topics yet  had very little Buffalo Bills talk.  It’s the polar opposite this time around.

Patrick takes listeners to a tour around the Buffalo Bills roster and at each positional stop Capaccio, who is the Bills sideline reporter offers insight on where the team stands and what moves may be coming during the offseason.  In particular Sal has interesting takes on Spencer Long, Lesean McCoy and Levi Wallace as well as a discussion about what wide receivers and tight ends would make for great fits.

Before the interview concludes Sal has thoughts on the New York Yankees winter and the gradual crumbling of the Buffalo Sabres, including examining if head coach Phil Housley could be in trouble if the season doesn’t turn around soon.

You can follow Sal on Twitter at @SalSports and of course be sure to check out all his written work as well as live and archived audio at WGR550.com.

Before this anniversary pod wraps, Moran hands out his semi-recurring Moran-Alytics Podcast MVP award to a newfound love for coffee and LVP to the imploding Sabres.


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