On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran has some of the guys on from the 716 Sports Podcast for a chat.  Justen, Jeff, Mike and Steve join to talk about their tremendously underrated sports podcast.

The guys talk about how the podcast came to be and some of the strengths that make their show pleasing for fans. One of their biggest strengths is the professional sounding audio they produce, an art often taken for granted in today’s world where many hobby podcasts are so hastily recorded and thrown together that the audio can be unlistenable.   The other thing that makes the 716 Sports Podcast a great show is their willingness to engage in topics beyond just the Buffalo Bills and Sabres. Sure, there’s plenty of conversation on both teams, but the guys go out of their way to include discussion on the Bandits, Beauts and many other Western New York matters that rarely get on-air time elsewhere.

There’s also a cool story about how FIFA for EA Sports and beer (of course) get them through the lean times. It’s a podcast all Buffalo sports fans should have in their podcast rotation.

You can follow the 716 Sports Podcast on Twitter @716SportsPodcast and check out their website/podcast at www.716sportspodcast.com.

Before the interview Moran has an extended monologue, where he tells listeners how much he hates Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook for screwing him out of a Moran vs. Moran fantasy football championship matchup, and gives everyone an update of how the Knowledge McDaniel story (go back to episode No. 59 for full context) ended up playing out down in Florida.

Finally, Moran-Alytics Podcast MVP to a Buffalo Bills great and LVP to Pro Bowl complainer awards are handed out before putting this episode to bed.


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