On this first-ever Tuesday episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by one of the most accomplished, respected and well liked NFL insiders in the industry.  Josina Anderson of ESPN joins the podcast for a wide ranging interview covering both her career and plenty of her life.

Seemingly from the time she was born and definitely by the time she reached high school in Silver Spring (Maryland), being involved in sports became Anderson’s destiny.  Josina talks about growing up in a very strong and intelligent family and how that rubbed off on her as a youth. Anderson may bleed Tar Heel Blue but reveals in this interview how she nearly went to arch rival Duke for college.

Anderson talks about her path and struggles  after college that came along the way during her eventual journey to ESPN, from her first post-college job all the way in Coos Bay, Oregon back to the Washington D.C. area and having to do personal training work to make ends meet before landing a job in Denver that really launched her career.

Anderson ( @JosinaAnderson) talks about her time at those jobs as well as what led to her getting an opportunity at ESPN and the role her friend and colleague Adam Schefter played in it.  She also talks about several sports media topics both deep and lighthearted and hammers home the significance of developing and maintaining trust in her line of work.

Of course, there’s football to be discussed and Anderson gives her take on the Lesean McCoy situation, Josh Allen, Le’Veon Bell, the team most likely to knock off New England in the AFC and a far too early Super Bowl prediction.

This was a really fun and informative long form interview that covers a lot of the ground with one of the very best and most recognizable names in the business today—a must listen for all football and sports media fans!


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