On this episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with TV host/reporter and owner of his own hugely popular YouTube channel, Chris Van Vliet on a wide variety of topics.

In a chat designed to give his legions of fans opportunity to learn more about him, Chris discusses growing up in Canada and what first had him fall in love with professional wrestling and also what peaked his desire to ultimately become a TV person.

His journey led him to Cleveland, where in 2011 he won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year.  He eventually went to Miami in early 2015 as a host for the popular Deco Drive show. It was there he interviewed many of today’s biggest stars in Hollywood, including chats with Denzell Washington, Ben Affleck, Dwayne Johnson and several A-listers.  Chris remembers a few of them and the famous interview he had with actresses Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson in 2016 that saw them flirt with him and end up going viral on the internet.

They also discuss his insanely popular YouTube channel and some of the most memorable interviews he’s had with literally dozens of professional wrestlers over the past few years, including his personal favorites.

They end with this podcast’s traditional Mini-Lightning round to find out even more about Chris, including what Neil Diamond song he could rock, what 80’s movie is his most re-watchable flick and what three celebrities he’d most like to have over for dinner.  It’s a great interview with one of the most accomplished and nicest people in the business today.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisVanVliet and of course subscribe to his YouTube Channel, which features regular sit down interviews with many of the biggest stars in professional wrestling today as well as clips from past interviews with some of Hollywood’s most famous actors.

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