On today’s future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with Buffalo Sabres super fan and extremely talented musician Melody Martin on a variety of topics, including her ability to write and produce amazing Buffalo sports-related song parodies.

The chat comes on the heels of her penning and recording “Hey Jason Botterill,” a Plain White T’s parody of “Hey There Delilah.” The catchy tune, which emphasizes the annoyance of fans with the Sabres general manager’s apparent lack of urgency to make more roster moves has resonated with fans, evidenced by the over 72,000 views Martin’s music video got on YouTube less than a week after its release.

Patrick talks to Melody about her inspiration for the song and the process that comes with making the parodies.  Melody also discusses her love for the team and the sport as well as frustrations as the organization is headed towards its ninth consecutive season sans a playoff appearance.

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After that Patrick is joined by recurring guest Jeff Boyd from the 716 Sports Podcast and Buffalo Twenty.  Today the guys are talking about the Super Bowl, Demone Harris’ improbable journey to a ring, where Tom Brady may play in 2020 and plenty of Sabres talk as Jeff echoes Melody’s feelings when it comes to disenchantment with Buffalo’s professional hockey team.

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