On this episode of the future-award winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran hooks up with his buddy/recurring guest Joe for the first time in three months to chat over a variety of topics.

Never one to mince words, Joe sounds off on the Buffalo Bills passing up a chance to draft Patrick Mahomes in 2017, a hot button topic that resurfaced on social media after Mahomes dominated the AFC playoffs and has led the Kanas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl. It’s a topic that even elicited a response from Tre White, the Bills All-Pro cornerback who ultimately landed in Buffalo after the Bills traded down.

The guys also run down a list of veteran players the Bills could potentially part with despite entering the offseason with the third-most cap room in the NFL.

Also in a shocker, noted Patriots hater Patrick actually heaps praises on Tom Brady while blasting the spoiled Boston fan base. That along with Patrick and Joe spending time talking about a a few movies, television shows and much more.

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