On this episode of the future-award winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran has a conversation with recurring guest Del Reid, co-founder of #BillsMafia and founder of 26 Shirts on a variety of Buffalo related topics.

They discuss the term Bills Mafia becoming such a force in the social media world and how it’s grown to point every Bills fan’s now referred to as part of the mafia. Del remembers the humble and innocent beginnings of the term, how it started, who directly and indirectly helped propel it to popular status and how it’s become one of the most successful terms ever branded exclusively through social media.

Patrick asks Del how he reacted to the passing earlier this year of Ezra Castro AKA Pancho Billa and several months later is still emotional about what he meant to him and the entire Bills community.  He tells the story of how the backpacks for children campaign became a thing following his death and how Pancho continues to be an important part of this Bills season, even if not physically there.

They also talk some of the on-goings at 26 Shirts before wrapping with current Bills talk, including the relaxing feeling of a stress-free Sunday after the Bills dominated Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

You can follow Del on Twitter @DelReid and of course be sure to check out 26shirts.com.

Before ending the podcast Patrick goes on a rant praising Bills general manager Brandon Beane as the catalyst for what looks to be an ascending football team.

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