On this episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by Pulse Cellular, Patrick Moran chats with Aaron Quinn from Cover 1 and the two dive into the Buffalo Bills 14-7 road victory at Tennessee that has the Bills off to a surprising 4-1 start.

In front of a crowd with arguably as many Buffalo fans as the “home” team, the Bills went out and continued the style of play they have all season— elite defense and rely on the offense to simply not screw it up.

Patrick and Aaron talk about the defensive unit that’s now without question one of, it not the best in the NFL and how there always seems to be someone different leading the way each game.  This week it was defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, who had three sacks and looked more like Aaron Donald than a veteran depth guy on a one-year contract. They also discuss Tremaine Edmunds, who in year two is transforming into one of the league’s better young defenders.

On the other side of the ball Josh Allen returned from a concussion and the improvement in his decision making was apparent, sans one third quarter that turned the game around at the time. Allen ended with one of his best games statistically and that was in no small part to the NFL debuting Duke Williams, who had four catches including the game-winning touchdown and a third down conversion earlier in the game that set up Buffalo’s other score.

Patrick and Aaron also discuss an offensive line that continues to struggle with health and performance, particularly a rookie in Cody Ford who’s increasingly looking much better served to be playing guard than tackle.

They end by discussing the bye coming at a perfect time as injuries have taken a toll and they look forward to the remainder of the season, including a bunch of winnable games that can see the Bills reach double digit wins if things continue as is.

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