On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by Identity Ink, Patrick Moran interviews brand new ESPN.com Buffalo Bills beat reporter, Marcel Louis-Jacques on a wide variety of topics.

They talk about Louis-Jacques growing up in Sacramento a big Kings fan and discuss some of those early 2000s teams that were on the cusp of a NBA title but never got over the hump.  Marcel was a four sport athlete in high school and recalls the point he realized his path to a future in sports was through covering rather than playing them.  He chose to go to Arizona State for college and it was the start of a journey that led him to Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina and now ultimately Buffalo.

Life’s about breaks and Marcel sheds light on how the opportunities to cover Clemson athletics, Carolina Panthers and now the Bills came about.

He also has initial impressions of Buffalo, the winter weather he’s not used to but will learn to deal with it, chicken wings, Bills fans, his thoughts on social media interaction and much more. It’s an opportunity to get know the guy who’s replacing Mike Rodak in covering the Bills beat for ESPN.

You can follow Marcel on Twitter at @Marcel_LJ and of course check out his work at ESPN.com starting July 1.

After that is a movie review of “Child’s Play”, a remake/reboot of the classic 1989 film about a demonic doll that comes to life to terrorize a family. The review comes courtesy of Sean Chandler of the Sean Chandler Talks About YouTube channel.  Sean has become one of the most respected and popular movie and TV reviewers on YouTube with over 113,000 subscribers. Subscribe to his channel!

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