On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews Eric Wood, former Pro Bowl center for the Buffalo Bills and host of the “What’s Next With Eric Wood” podcast.

This is Wood’s second appearance on the podcast, first appearing on Episode No. 47 last August. Back then he was just months removed from prematurely retiring because of his neck injury.  Today the two discuss how big the adjustment was for Wood to become a spectator during a football season for the first time since before high school.

They also discuss his new podcast, which even before its debut peaked all the way in the top 15 on the Apple Podcast sports podcast charts.  Wood elaborates on the premise of his show, which includes a different guest each episode where they discuss among other things their transition into a new chapter of life, something still a work of progress for Wood.

Wood also gives his thoughts on a completely Buffalo Bills revamped offensive line, including new center Mitch Morse before defending Buffalo in wake of Antonio Brown publicly refusing to go there in a trade.

You can follow Eric on Twitter at @EWood70 and be sure to check out his What’s Next With Eric Wood podcast.

Also featured on the podcast is Sean Chandler’s movie review of Dumbo. Sean’s a friend of the podcast and talented content producer.  Be sure to check out and subscribe to his Sean Chandler Talks About channel on YouTube, which features daily movie/entertainment content and has drawn nearly 95,000 subscribers.

Sandwiched between the segments is Aaron Quinn of Cover 1.  Aaron and Patrick discuss Ed Oliver and the likeliness of the Bills moving up from nine to draft him.  They also do a Bills four round mock draft in real time with a computer simulating the other 31 teams.  They’re stunned to see a guy fall to them at nine and Chris surprisingly passes over tight end Irv Smith Jr. for another prospect at pick No. 40. A running back goes in round three while the fourth nets them a safety and wide receiver.

They also do the Moran-Alytics Interest Meter and Patrick throws his typically Buffalo Sabres hissyfit before agreeing Tom Brady sucks.

You can follow Aaron on Twitter @AaronQuinn716 and check out Cover1 at www.cover1.net.

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