There’s very few bars I’ve driven past more times without trying their wings than Kettles.  Located on Abbott Road in Orchard Park just a stone’s throw from Highmark Stadium, I routinely go with proven winners O’Neill’s or the Big Tree Inn when in the area and craving wings.  I finally decided to give Kettles a try on a Friday night.  Granted, I’ve been there and enjoyed nights multiple times in the past but never for wings until now. I went with traditional medium and here’s my thoughts.

PROS: They were plenty big and plenty cooked.

CONS: Despite specifically asking for them to be on the saucy side, the sauce was extremely scarce. I mean, some of the least sauciest wings I’ve ever had, to the point I thought their kitchen may be trolling me.  The sauce that was on the plate quite frankly wasn’t very good. Bland, buttery and borderline salty.  As a flats guy I also wasn’t pleased with 70% ratio of drums to flats. Lastly and this doesn’t matter to me as I don’t use blue cheese, but theirs is a pre-packaged Ken’s, which most who do use it generally despise.

RECORD IF KETTLES PLAYED A FULL NFL SEASON: 5-12: They’ll catch a few teams by surprise but that’s about it.

OUTLOOK: The bar is cool.  The crowd is a bit on the older side, which is right up my alley. They consistently have live music if you’re into that, have a nice side patio outside tucked away from the Abbott Road traffic, reasonable prices, good bartenders and a pretty extensive food menu.  There’s lots of good reasons to go to Kettles.  However, it’s my opinion the wings aren’t one of them.

TIER: “Waiver Wire Wings (These are the I’d almost rather just have pizza wing spots of WNY)