On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, friend and recurring guest Joe Yerdon joins to discuss all things Buffalo Sabres over the past few days, including a review of significant trades as well as the NHL draft that saw the Sabres add to their prospect pool.

The fact Rasmus Ristolainen and Sam Reinhart were both trades last Friday wasn’t shocking, but the return on each certainly caught at least some by surprise. Joe has thoughts on Ristolainen going to Philly and Reinhart to Florida as well as the return on each, his feelings about the departing players as well the ones acquired and how he thinks it will affect the organization going forward.

Meanwhile, Jack Eichel still remains with Buffalo amid reports that general manager Kevyn Adams is asking too much in return.  Joe has some takes on that as well as where he thinks the disgruntled franchise center will ultimately end up.

Of course, the draft was this past weekend and Joe also has thoughts on the team taking Owen Power first overall as well as several promising forward prospects.

That plus a look into free agency beginning Wednesday, is this team about to start indirectly tanking again and much more.  Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeYerdon.


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